Friday, August 22, 2008


Yes!!! My husband and I have finally coordinated our schedules and we’re taking a vacation. As usual I made all the arrangements. I’m excited we’re going to DC! I didn’t want to travel too far, because I have so much to do while I’m off work. I thought I would use a couple days of our vacation and knock out some of the adoption paper work. I plan to obtain the following, 3 notarized reference letters, notarized bank letter, fingerprints, background check, submit FBI clearance packet, notarized adoption letter, notarized letter from employer, notarized letter from Life Insurance carrier, notarized letter from health insurance and 10-12 family photos. I think that’s a good start. We’ll get our physicals in Oct. My plan is to submit all the required documents for the dossier and application by the end of Oct. then schedule our home study. We have to get approved by our agency, and then we will go on the wait list for a referral. The current wait time for a referral after approval by our agency is 5-7 months. Of course that could change at anytime. I’m estimating we’ll have to wait 5 months. Once we accept a referral, we’ll have to wait for a court date in Ethiopia, which could take another 1-2 months. Then we have to wait for a travel date, another 1-2 months.

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