Monday, November 24, 2008


I have two more steps in the process before I’m officially on the wait list. I’ve been extremely frustrated with my agency for a couple of weeks now. Once I receive CIS approval my dossier will be complete. Oh yeah, I need my agency’s approval first!!!! My home study had been sitting on someone’s desk for almost two weeks. I previously inquired on three different occasions as to whether all my documents were received by my agency. I was assured that once my home study was approved it would be sent to immigrations and they had everything they needed. Today I get a reply to an e-mail that I sent over a week ago stating that a document that I originally mailed back in June and again two weeks ago had not been received and that was the hold up. The e-mail also advised that I could fax the form in. QUESTION #1 Why did it take 5 months and 3 inquiries from me, for someone to figure out that they didn’t have this piece of paper? QUESTION #2 Why was I advised two weeks ago that I had to send the original copy, when a fax copy was acceptable. QUESTIONS #3, Why didn’t this incompetent person include the fax number in the e-mail. I think she's full of it, but at this point what can I do, I’m at their mercy.


Anonymous said...

Yes you are at their mercy and Yes it helps to blow off some steam. Now breathe

Gloria B

Shawn said...

Freda, I know exactly how you feel. I had to re-do 3 of our Dossier documents, and it has been a royal pain! The paperchasing is the absolute worse! I want to yell, we ARE competent to be parents people! Heck we already are!

I just want to be on the waitlist so I don't have to do anything else except wait. I bet I'll find something to complain about then as well (LOL). Anyhoo, hopefully we will both be waiting soon!