Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today marks one month of waiting for a referral. Our agency is averaging 4-5 referrals a month; at that rate we wouldn’t receive a referral until close to the end of the year. The wait time for a court date, as well as the number of court attempts to pass court have increased. I remain optimistic that we will bring our son home before the end of the year.


Sweet Patience said...

We are crossing our fingers for you and keeping you in prayer that your referral will come earlier than later, and at just the right time to bring your Jordan home!

Bennett said...

This is the best time to wait, if you ask me, you don't have a face to put w/the days and weeks that pass, all you have is your faith and the serenity of knowing GOD is planning something big for you. I found the wait time for referral to not be bad at all, now the wait time to get a court date is what has me biting my nails, but the updates that I get weekly really really helps w/the process.

I will keep you in my prayers

Shawn said...

Hey Freda,
Looks like our timelines are about the same. We were waitlisted on 1/12/09. Our agency wait time to referral is 4-6 completed months. I know we will run into the rainy season and court closures, so I was thinking we probably won't travel or have a court date until the end of the year as well.



Praying that you receive your referral soon. It's going to come when you least expect it.