Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Vaccination Part 1

Today I received my first series of shots. I decided to take the shots in phases instead of all at once. I had three shots today, yellow fever and hep A/ B. I will return in 30 days for the second series of hep A/B and I will also get tetanus and meningitis. In six months I’ll get the final injections for Hepatitis and also polio and typhoid. For those of you who have already traveled or in the process of planning your travel to Ethiopia, please advise if I have missed anything.


Sweet Patience said...

I feel your pain! However, it is well worth the pain to get your Jordan!
I did my shots last summer when we initially decided to enter the ET program. I had several shots done at one time. It worked out for me because I PRN'd with a Childrens Hospital last summer and several of the the vaccinations that was suggested for traveling to ET were there requirements anyway. So, I had to get it done anyway.
At least you know that you are almost there!

Bennett said...

Nope. I think you covered it all

I did not get yellow fever

I also did not get polio, but I did get the rest you listed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Freda. I'm still working on my Hep A!