Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Call

When the call came it was totally unexpected at that moment. Although I had been anxiously waiting for over two weeks for the phone to ring, I was caught off guard. I forgot I had given the agency my work cell number and since I have clients in the same area code I assumed the call was business related. I was totally surprised when I heard my case manager’s voice. I couldn’t run to my computer fast enough to see him for the first time. As she was going over the information all I could do was stare at his picture. I wanted to call my husband but I knew he was driving and wouldn’t be able see the picture at that time and there was no way I was waiting a minute longer. As she was going over the information I tried to remain focus on what she was saying but I couldn’t. Every now and then I would make a sound to let her know that I was still on the line.

Seeing his face made everything feel real. I would be honored to be his mommy and I would be immensely grateful if MOWA and the Ethiopian courts agreed.

Next step........back to waiting


Angela said...

I'm sure you've wondered how would you react when you got the call and saw your referral for the first time. I'm sure it was as magical and exciting as I've imagined. Congratulations again!!

Sweet Patience said...

Congratulations Freda!
I know that you were filled with so much joy when you received the call and saw his face. It has been a wait, however, you have your referral now.

Shawn said...

Yeah!! Congrats again, and hopefully we will soon join the ranks of those waiting for a court date as well!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! We might be the only two people I know of who just couldn't wait for hubby to arrive before viewing that referral photo. I so understand!
Congrats again.


Rebecca said...

Congrats!!! What a crazy ride!