Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today I sent an e-mail notification to several of my friends informing them of my blog. I’m curious to see how many of them will actually take a peep and leave a comment.
I have been somewhat fascinated with blogs since the first time I read one, mostly because I was searching for insight into international adoption. Since I didn’t know anyone who had ever adopted internationally the search began. Wow, the things people say when they are not really speaking directly to anyone can be very amusing to say the least. I especially love how non African Americans’ speak candidly about their experiences raising African American children or should I say a child of color.
Let’s just toss the political correct stuff out the window now, African American takes too long to say and type. We all know the majority of people with brown skin will be considered Black no matter where they originate. Personally I don’t mind be described as a black girl, especially now since I’m 30ish. I think it’s the girl part I like best, but I digress.
I have taken an excerpt from another blog that I thought was interesting. I will post it next so this post isn't extremely long. I hope you don’t get offended when reading it; sometimes you just have to see the humorous side of things.


Delta said...

Hello Freda....I have been logging on and reading the emails you are sending....thank you. This maybe something I look into doing. Love you girl....Please keep me on your mailing list

Doris said...

Hey Girl, I told you before, it is a wonderfull thing you and Al doing. Good luck!!!!